PullCast knows that details make the design. Even in the Outdoor, there are design trends and key items you need to know to elevate your designs! This Moodboard introduces some of the most popular decoration trends that will ensure an effortlessly elegant Outdoor Space.

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Details for your Outdoor

Having an outdoor space, whether a backyard, a large balcony, a rooftop or an elegant entryway, is great for entertaining guests and family members in your home. However, having such spaces requires maintenance and the help of some Outdoor Design Trends to help this space reach its top potential.

The Outdoor Couch is essential for entertaining guests outdoors, as it provides a place to sit and socialize while contributing to a more elegant and put-together space.
You can also add an extra flair to your front door with some new hardware pieces, such as PullCast’s Brubeck Door Pull, whose asymmetrical polished brass tubes will awe your guests as they come into your home.
Fairy lights help to create a comfortable and more intimate ambiance in your outdoor space, which is perfect for when you’re hosting gatherings amongst friends or family. If you don’t have a fence like the one in the picture to hang the lights on, you can try to hang them above the seating area, sort of as a ‘ceiling’.
Since we’re talking about the outdoors, after all, nature always takes an important place in Outdoor Design Trends. You can either take advantage of the plants that are growing in your yard or you can buy some potted plants to use as decor items.