Bathrooms are usually seen as functional areas, but with the perfect remodel they can become enjoyable and relaxing spaces that will awe guests and owners alike.

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Drawer Handle

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Drawer Handle

Top Remodel Details For Your Bathroom

PullCast’s Bathroom Remodel Trends for this year pay attention to the smallest of details, as they will play the central role in creating the perfect bathroom.
A huge hit last year, Millennium Pink is still one of the most popular Bathroom Remodel Trends. This playful color can be applied in the bathroom walls to create a full pink look, or to a specific piece of furniture, such as the sink, for a more subdued pop of color.

The golden tones of the brass fixtures are a most-wanted change of pace from the cooler silver chrome that used to be trendy, and it’s no wonder that more traditional Bathroom Remodel Trends are being used, as they give the room a warmer ambiance while still maintaining a modern look. PullCast’s Nouveau Cabinet Handle is a great example of a trendy, sophisticated and versatile fixture that can adapt to various projects.

Black is a very elegant color, but most homeowners don’t want to jump into an all-black bathroom like most Bathroom Remodel Trends suggest, as they can easily become gloomy and dark. It’s better to start small with some black accent furniture, mixed with marble and golden fixtures, such as PullCast’s Skyline drawer handle, and then move onto bigger projects.

Nature-inspired Bathroom Remodel Trends are back, and wood is no exception. Different kinds of woods can match different projects, which makes this material very versatile. Moreover, natural elements create a more relaxed ambiance, especially when combined with golden fixtures, such as PullCast’s Kesya drawer handle, whose texture resembles a pine tree bark.